TV/Professional Screen Rent

60% off High quality 60” Samsung LED Screen Rentals for Exhibitions and Events now 5999 Rs only !
No Deposits! FREE Delivery!
hotline : 0776 463 655 / 0114 348 233

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Digital Signage Advertising

Display your advertisement in our 60 Inch High Quality HD Samsung LED Screen at Sigma Institute // Kirulapone.Limited spots available!.Prices starts from Rs 3333/= Per Month Per 5 Seconds Spot, Advertisement will be repeated once every 3 minutes

(Daily almost 2500 students,parents and visitors will go pass glancing at the Display)

Request your free Quote : Hotline : 0772 892 892/ 0114 348 233


Digital Signage Content Management

With Restgate Content Manager, management and control of your network is both improved and simplified – reducing the resources required to control and maintain your network. Template support, plan-based content distribution, timetables, and playlists – keep you in control of your network from wherever you are in the world, from any Internet-connected computer.

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